Dear Nanda

I am afraid this is a long verse not a linked verse.

In the linked verse each unit must be independent poetically !

I apologize for this clarification.

Narayanan Raghunathan Wed, Apr 7th 2010, 00:47  
Rebba, yes, as you say, eternal consciousness is not limited by time or space - but we are not able to experience that (on ly a few!).

Narayanan, I see what you mean. Should this be posted as a long verse - or rewritten as a linked verse/
P. Nandakumar Warrier Mon, Apr 12th 2010, 01:59  
Narayanan, I checked up the definitiion of linked verse, and now understand what you mean. It would be a fairly short linked Senyru, linked Haiuku etc., with the verses independent poetically (with the - following - verses not dependent on the previous ones). Thank you for pointing this out! nanda
P. Nandakumar Warrier Mon, Apr 12th 2010, 02:17  
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