Great imagery! I like this, chèvrefeuille!
Keith A. Simmonds Sun, Mar 6th 2016, 06:15  
Hello, Chevrefeuille! I have been trying to send you a message by your e-mail from here, but am not sure that it was successful, so I am sending it from here now. Hope that's ok.

Bonjour, Chèvrefeuille! Je reviens sur Wonderhaikuworld et je vois que tu fais de bon travail...J'y posterai quelques œuvres plus tard! Je viens te proposer quelque chose.
! Mes trois poèmes sont en FINALE pour le Prix Haïkus d’Hiver 2016 chez ShortÉdition, France. Un des prix est un livre sur le haïku au Japon et mon haïku est bien placé pour en remporter un. On aura les résultats mercredi 9 mars à 11 heures. UN LINCEUL BLANCHI est le préféré de la plupart des lecteurs. Moi aussi, j’ai une préférence pour lui et c’est pour cette raison que Je t' invite à venir le lire et le soutenir si le cœur t' en dit! Merci d’avance!
Keith A. Simmonds Sun, Mar 6th 2016, 06:17  
Thank you for your kind words Keith. From your notice I understand that you have won a prize for your haiku. Congratulations.
By the way ... my French isn't that good so I hope I did understand it in the correct way.
Chèvrefeuille Tue, Apr 5th 2016, 13:43  
Hello, Chèvrefeuille! I did not win the prize at the time of writing, I was asking you to vote for the poem to help it to win! Eventually, I did win the prize, though!
Once again, I am in the running for the qualifying stage of yet another contest, this time, the summer contest and soon I will be in the finals, so at that time, that is to say at the end of May, I'll be asking you to read my poem and vote for it if you like it. I hope you will be able to oblige! Thanks in advance!
Keith A. Simmonds Tue, Apr 5th 2016, 13:59  
I would be honored Keith.
Chèvrefeuille Tue, Apr 12th 2016, 14:19  
Hi Keith,

Greetings. Haven't seen any of your haiku here recently. Why are you using us as a place to advertise your haiku contests Keith? Is this what we have been reduced to? As much as I hesitate and fear I will offend you, as you have been a friend for long, I would ask you to kindly refrain from doing this. We are not a place for advertising other websites and journals and contests, but a place to share haiku. First and foremost and forever! I hope you understand. Please share your best haiku here too, not the ones rejected by other journals etc. Thank you.
Shyam Santhanam Wed, Aug 10th 2016, 03:18  
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