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[14/11/2011] Deletion and Edit Facilities
Dear Members,Please note that the deletion and edit facilities have been made available solely for the purpose of allowing typographical errors to be more details...
[02/11/2011] Spasms of Light ~ Wonder Haiku Worlds Anthology 1
We are pleased to announce the first anthology of Wonder Haiku Worlds available on This 248-page book features almost 50 authors who had more details...
Welcome Honoured Guest ~ Make This Your Home
If you are already into Haiku and/or related genres, please go ahead and post your works old and new in the various sections mentioned below. Let your contributions in the various genres grow and we wish you all the best.
If you are somewhat new to Haiku and the related genres mentioned, please check the following for more basic information and links to additional sites with more information.

If you are new to haiku and want to in{formally} learn about haiku and also learn to write Haiku you may want to join our special school for new Haijins [ Haiku Poets ]


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