Narayanan Raghunathan

Managing Director, India

Fields Of Interest

Philosophy [ Traditional Mysticism, Religion, Mantra, Tantra, Yantra, Veda, Yoga ] Mathematics [Number Theory, Transcendental Numbers, Continued Fractions , Set Theory and Foundations of Mathematics.] Poetry, Photography, Music [ Karnaatik and Dhrupad ]. Neo- Classical Indian Dance ~

Published two books of philosophical aphorisms.

1] "Kalki: The Last Coming" ~ Apocalypse ~ The Eternal Aspiration" ,

2] "Scrap Bits from the Note-Books of A Lunatic" ~

and another book On the Foundations of Axiomatic Set Theory~

3] "The Solitary Infinity ~ Obituary to Transfinity" ~


Other Books getting ready for publication ~

"The Last Revelations" [ Philosophical Aphorisms ]

"Infinite Flame Silences" [ A set of 541 Haiku ]

"Apocalyptic Rapture" [ A set of Haiku with Amanda ]

"Brahman Way ~ Haiku Rtams" [ Haiku Collection ~ by Narayanan, Amanda. Shyam, Anand, Arjun, Lakshmi, Ganga, Seeta, Laxmi Jayraj ]

"Infinte Cosmoses Dance In Seamless Light" [ Selected Poetry ]

Mathematics ~

" Infinite Cosmoses Of Infinite Algorithms For Infinite Transcendental Numbers"

" Infinite Cosmoses Of Infinite Rhythmic Continued Fractions "

"Set Theory Cantor's Diagonalization and the Continuum Hypothesis ~ A Meta Logical Discourse"

"Exotic Papers in Elementary Number Theory and Infinite Set Theory"

"Infinite Generalized Fibonacci Sequences, Generalized Fibonacci Polynomials and their Algebra"

A web site collecting the author's work on Mantrams Graphics, Photography, Music, Mathematics, Poetry, Philosophical Works, Dance etc. is getting organized.

"Sri Aurobindo who initiated me in a dream is my Primary Guru."

For some poems by Narayanan Raghunathan see "RUDRA" at


Shyam Santhanam

Director ~ General Operations, Software, Links, USA

Fields Of Interest

Computer Science , Mathematics, Philosophy, Poetry, Photography, Music, Working on the seamless "Brahman software" for studying Narayanan Raghunathan's Infinite Transcendental Numbers and Infinite Rhythmic Continued Fractions.


Anand Raghunathan

Patron and General Advisor

Fields of Interest

Business, Marketing, Poetry, Haiku, Religion, Music, Sports [Cricket ], Yoga


Arun Ragunathan Parameswaran

Patron, Financial Advisor.

Fields Of Interest

Marketing, Financial Management, Poetry, Haiku, Religion, Sports Music [various], Management Literature, Mysticism


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