Brahman ~

Haiku is Art, Ritual and Seeking.  

Haiku Is Dhyaana of every moment of Cosmic Pereception.

Cosmos flows around All Allways Seeking Its Infinite Subtle Connections These Revealations envelop The Thathagatha everywhere every moment in one way or another. The Art of Haiku Reveals The Intense Vastness of the vision embodied in the moment.

Every Haiku is a unique ritual of perceiving arranging and constructing verbally

Haiku Is Japanese Originally Truly. Zen is truly its secret and mystery.

But Now every Language aspires towards its Haiku Canons and Seasonal Rituals and novel verbal syntactic and etymological arrangements.

English Haiku has come to stay and nurture in its own various soils and seasons.

Every Haiku attempts to be a vast Cosmic Moment of Perception encompassed into its essence.

Every Haiku Must aspire towards inner perfection of form and content show its linguistic inevitability.

The Pause or the abstract version of the kireji the dash is vastly useful and indicative of Haiku. Yet in special cases one may have intrinsic pauses in the structure and not necessarily a well defined caesura.

Kigo and season related words are the essence of many Haiku. Yet Haiku with indirect seasonal reference or of more abstract seasonal reference or Universal reference without any seasonal reference are also legitimate Haiku though more Shintai we may tentatively say!

Intensely Perceive Intensely connect Intensively Verbalize Intensively Edit and verify.

Anything can be subject for haiku~  from folk music to metaphysics, apocalypse to transcendental numbers, history to science fiction, algebra to aesthetics, to spring, summer, autumn, winter, Christmas to new-year, death, immortality, fairies, angels, Gods, butterflies, lotuses, sun, moonlight ad infinitum ~~

Let's bow before the many Buddhas and the many great Haijin before who walked the Great Human Way!

Lets affirm Light and Truth in our Haiku.

Let's aspire towards more Perfection and divinity in All and in our Haiku too.

Let's Realize "All This Is Verily Brahman" or equivalently

"Isa The Lord Pervades All This ".

Let's also Realize Brahman is not All This.

Let us write Haiku to aspire towards or affirm this Eternal Infinite Realization.

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