Haiku Chat 5 ~ The Tortoise


Date: 4th July 2006

Topic: This Photo Haiku

a butterfly lands
on its back ~ the tortoise
peeps out into sunlight

[N] http://www.wonderhaikuworlds.com/haikufromphoto.php?image=115

[N] a butterfly lands on its back ~ the tortoise peeps out into sunlight


[N] this one is made of two full sentences ~ so the kireji is in the middle of the second line ~ this occurs in lesser number of haiku if i may say so

[S] yes true

[N] A butterfly lands on its back ~ that creates a question and doubt on whose back ~ so the tortise is mentiones


[N] But the Hai and Ku come only when the tortoise peeps into sunlight after maybe years

[N] mentioned

[S] true ~ I laughed

[N] Then the human interpreatation of a tortoise feel is brought out ~ Does the tortoise really feel if a little butterfly lands ~ maybe not ~ maybe yes ~ But the haijin feels it did and we get a human laugh ~ No laughing matter for butterfly or tortoise.

[N] Butterfly is spring kigo too

[S] yes ~ true the haijin feels it does

[N] The impossible sensitivity of tortoise creates the yugen if i may say so ~ It is karumi too ~ Something that can happen ~ Though we know this one is a crazy haijin


[N] Issa could have written this I feel

[N] or somebody like him

[S] surely ~ an ordinary happening with divine humour and mystery

[S] this is actually a turtle i feel

[S] tortoises are smaller

[N] the haiku is very dense in t sounds and creates deep rhythm and healthy alliteration

[N] i see

[N] i thought turtles are smaller

[N] lux will know better ~ she has called it totoise too

[S] yes

[S] i am not sure really

[N] but that does not matter i think for the haiku

[N] same family

[N] like moth and butterfly



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