Haiku Chat 6 ~ Align to Re-align the great transformation


Date: 4 July 2006

Topic: This photo haiku

twilight stars emerge ~
a herd of deer re-align
their luminous spots

[N] http://www.wonderhaikuworlds.com/haikufromphoto.php?image=76

[N] twilight stars emerge ~ a herd of deer re-align their luminous spots

[N] we re-aligned this

[S] yes ~ earlier it was: a herd of deer "align"

[N] this is also two full sentence haiku which are occur less frequently

[N] early stars have appeared and we wonder what is the tale ~ a herd of deer ~ so okay ? they are re-aligning ~ what ? their luminous spots ~

[N] a deep interrelated texture of the micro and macro cosmoses are invoked 

[N] it also zooms in ~ twilight stars to deer to luminous spots


[N] re-aligning shows connections and cosmic changes a personal duty of the herd of deer

[N] whether it happens instinctively or whether they re-align themselves consciously is a mystery ~ that opens up yugen

[S] yes

[N] it is again a Karumi situation ~ a twilight and a few deer ! but the words have brought in the ku and also a very gentle invisible hai [smile]

[N] there is no mention of season and no kigo really to indicate that ~ but we roughly infer it is summer i think

[S] yes it has Karumi ~ it is a familiar observation when some members of a herd shuffle and shift about

[S] even in herds of cows or others

[N] yes

[N] it is as if the gestalt of the herd shuffles together ~ that is the beautiful thing

[S] yes true

[S] it shows they are aware of their places too not just randomly standing

[N] yes

[N] it reads very rhythmic when read loud with the right pauses

[S] true

[N] there are secondary pauses too which could be noted in loud reading

[S] yes ~ before and after re-align there are slight pauses

[N] our chats seem to be lessons to read haiku seriously

[S] this also highlights that verb and brings out its meta echo

[N] So you read well ! exactly

[N] it was the "re-" that does it

[S] yes ~ true ~ when it was "align" earlier the pause didn't exist

[S] now there is a respite

[N] too many haiku chats a day ~ when are we going to post it

[S] we will post

[N] i am very happy about these chats

[N] they are good healthy and honest

[S] yes i'm delighted too

[S] i've read these haiku much better because of the chats

[N] yes true

[N] we are also seeing why the haiku gels wells or what is wrong

[S] yes ~ ordinarily we may notice these things unconsciously ~ but here we reflect carefully

[N] align to re-align the great transformation

[S] yes


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