Our kukai section is under construction.  

Traditionally, in Japanese circles after a Gingko [ a garden walk ] one had a kukai [ a meeting] where  haiku written by the individual Haijin(s ) are evaluated with numerical points by the various participant Haijin(s), without knowing who wrote which Haiku. 

Here we intend to have an internet version of  the monthly virtual kukai of various interested members in three sections. 

1] Kigo based Haiku [ say, with butterfly/moon as the season word to be used in the Kigo based Haiku ] 
2) General Haiku [ say, bread/ radio as the general word to be used in the General Haiku] 
3) Abstract Haiku [ say, pain/music as the abstract word to be used in the Abstract Haiku]

We want to ensure sufficient participation before we take off on this project. So if you will be interested please contact us at wonderhaikuworlds@yahoo.com

You will be asked to specially register to allow you to particpate in the monthly Kukai. .

We intend to organize a nominal  prize for the winners of the monthly Kukai.

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