Photo Haiku [ Photo Haiga ] brings Haiku and photography as a multiple medium. A Haiku is written based on the photograph or conversely one may photograph to decipher the Haiku. But generally the former is practised in many websites.
[ I write as "RUDRA" and "brahman~narayanan~"  in this site ]
[ Shyam Santhanam writes as markandeya ]
[ I write as "Narayanan" in this site ]
[ I write as Narayanan Raghunathan  in this site ]

Photo Haiga  Photo Digital Haiga and Digital Haiga are the Three Possibilities.

In wonderhaikuworlds we have a special section for photo haiku. Here members may either post a photograph or a painting and also write Haiku/senryu/ tanka / sijo/ etc for any photo/painting on the site. 

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