I] A Prayer ~ Amanda Cazalet


II] Haiku, Haiku ~ General Ruminations ~ Narayanan Raghunathan
Dedicated to Amanda and Shyam
1. Haiku ~ General Introduction
2. A Little Etymology And Terminology ~

Here a few Haiku related words are elucidated. This is a very minor list. For more details, you must refer to the Glossary in "The Haiku Handbook ~ William J. Higginson" Published by Kodanasha International Ltd., 17-14 Otowa 1-chome, Bunkyo-ku Tokyo 112-8652.

3. General Aesthetic Observations ~

Here a set of inter-related aphorisms and brief notes related to Haiku are presented

4. On the Structure, Grammar, Rhythms and Methods in English Hybrid Haiku ~

Some Personal Observations and Preferences

5. Ah!-Ha! And Table-Top Haiku ~
6. A Tentative General Classification of Haiku ~
7. Haiku ~ Haijin ~ Ruminations in verse ~
8. Some Suggestions to New Haiku Writers ~
III] Responses to Jane Reichhold's Rules and Questions ~ Narayanan Raghunathan
1. "Haiku Rules That Have Come And Gone " Take Your Pick ~ Jane Reichhold

Here the rules elucidated in Jane Reichhold's book are listed and the author has responded to each with his personal comments.

2. Some Thoughts for Rethinking Haiku ~ Jane Reichhold

[Reprinted from Mirrors, Summer 1989]

Here a set of questions by Jane Reichhold relating to Haiku, are answered by the author

IV] Other Genres ~

Brief Notes and some links for more information for some of the other genres seen on this site (work in progress).

  1. Senryu
  2. Tanka
  3. Sijo
  4. Haibun
  5. Sedoka
  6. Haiga
  7. Cinquain
  8. General short verse
  9. Linked verse
  10. Renga
  11. Photo Haiku
  12. Koan(s)
  13. Kukai
  14. Essays
  15. Elucidations and Appreciations
  16. Reviews


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