Haiku Village Juniors

This forum is meant for junior Haijin[ Haiku poet ] to practise and post their works
Young People below 18 years are invited to this special village for junior Haijin(s).
The children and young adults are free and it may be even better they write haiku freely with no special work out. You may make up your haiku on any theme
Haiku is a genre of short poetry.
Haiku originated in Japan more than four hundred years ago.
Haiku originated from Tanka another short poetry written .in five lines
with 5-5-7-5-7 onji [ basic phonetic unit, roughly the English syllable]  
Generally Haiku is written  in Japanese with 5-7-5 onji
Haiku is practised n Japan like a daily ritual by many people 
Japanese and Haiku are closely related. It is as if the genre developed naturally from the intrinsic rhythm of language itself.
Japanese Haiku generally have a natural break [ pause ] called  kireji. .
Haiku is a poetic genre deeply related to the changing seasons.
Japanese Haiku generally also has a season word called kigo. 
Extensive season dictionaries with examples of Haiku have been compiled in Japanese.
These are called saijiki.
Most Haiku poets were directly or indirectly influenced by Zen

Basho, Buson, Issa, Shiki, are generally considered the All the Time Greats of Haiku ~

Haiku was slowly adapted into English after world war 2. 
Haiku is generally written in seventeen or less syllables in English.

Haiku is a poetry where one shows by indicating.

It is imagist and sentient together with subtle poetry .
Senryu are Haiku like short poetry with deeper direct human element brought to prominence  But it will be unnecessary young Haijin(s) to bother about All these.
Just Go ahead start attempting to write Haiku like you will attempt a song.

Now Haiku or this style of short poetry is being written in over 100 languages.
Friend, member please write Haiku and post it in this forum

Now we will give below some Haiku by children.

dressed up a bride 
i await Amanda auntie's 
phone-call from England

Lakshmni Anand [ Age 13 ]

my periappa 
sings all to himself 
looking into the mirror

Note ~
Periappa [ Tamizh ]~ Father's elder brother 
Ganga Anand [ Age  9 ]

looking at the games 
i play with it , the ball will think,
i am mad 
[ Translated from Tamizh ]
Ganga Anand  [ Age 9]



The following Haiku and images are from the following site.




In the pouring rain
Children are running quickly in haste
In a hurry to get home
Yun Fang Cheah
age 12 Female Malaysia

The brook flows
The clouds give water
And help the brook
Nikita Tsvetkov
age 9 Male

I am called a clown
I make them laugh and happy
I have a funny face
Raissa Nurahma
age 12

Countless fireflies
Hang across an endless field with lanterns
Sailors have lost their way
Gianluca Sordi

Birds flying too fast
Slow clouds moving across sky
Hey, stay out of my lane!
Maelene Blechel
age 9

Cloudy bear
Flying among the clouds
How does the world look from there?
Ilya Belyaev
age 10

At the fruit shop
I saw rows of sad apples
So I took one
Farah Azmi
age 12

I am called a clown
I make them laugh and happy
I have a funny face
Raissa Nurahma
age 12

Flowers bloom in spring
To us happiness they bring
With the hymn they sing
Michelle Amoroso
age 12

Pretty butterfly
Fly high up into the sky
Come back tomorrow
Nicole Sisk
age 7
GUAM (グアム)





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