The Mission of WHW


Haiku though originally revealed to the Japanese and cast into the cadent hieroglyphs of Japanese language is now a Universal genre. Haiku must be written in over 100 languages of the earth, as a rough estimate.

Wonder Haiku Worlds is a Haiku site for All Haiku Lovers in All languages, residing anywhere in this world.

Wonder Haiku Worlds Hopes to Provide A Universal Multilingual Platform for Haiku poets writing in the various languages of the earth.

We also provide A Universal Multilingual Platform for other related Genres like Senryu, Tanka, Haibun, Haiga, Sedoka [ All Japanese Origin ], Sijo [ Korean Origin ], Cinquain [ English ], and a "General short- verse unclassified forum" for general poets.

Initially we are obliged to use Latin script for all the languages. Later we hope to have the possibility of every individual script [with Latin script transliterations ]

We hope to become as poly-lingual as possible.

In order to make this possible we hope to form a panel of expert Honorary Translators who write Haiku and who are interested in this venture. Here people who are multi-lingual and can translate Haiku from one language to another are encouraged to do so at their own discretion, the Haiku of their choice by various authors . The member who posts articles or poems can opt for Translation / No translation ~

Thus, later one may be able to read the same Haiku in twenty different languages if we find enough co-operation in this venture.

In due course we intend to turn on audio too and one may even have the possibility to hear poly-lingual versions of each Haiku.

Clearly Haiku is a wonderfull Gift Of Japanese Language and People.

Surely the haiku spirit is slowly blossoming in various languages, English leading every other language in this cosmic venture.

English language has become a very convenient and useful medium of communication for people writing Haiku in All The Different Languages of the earth.

We hope that our site will provide a convenient archive to store every member's contribution individually and easily accessible to all readers.

We also hope to provide an easily navigable site, where the various genres like haiku, senryu, haiga, haibun etc. can all be posted from the same home page

We are surely aware that haiku is truly Japanese. But we also recognize that this hybrid haiku in other languages, has come to stay on the earth. Holding firm to the Japanese roots, we hope to bloom anew in this venture

We hope to publish a written magazine devoted to Haiku and related genres, at the earliest.

All the poems and articles published here on this site are implicitly submitted, to be considered for publication in the proposed magazine. If selected for publication, the members will be informed and their written permission sought formally.

This is our tentative beginning in this global venture.

All your comments and opinions are sought dear member. We are in the pupa-stage : Give us wings participant poet, friend.

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