Deletion and Edit Facilities

About the deletion and edit facilities on WHW.


Dear Members,

Please note that the deletion and edit facilities have been made available solely for the purpose of allowing typographical errors to be corrected or duplicate articles to be removed, and to a lesser extent, minor revision of style and content of articles. Wonder Haiku Worlds is an interactive journal where it is expected that articles you post are firstly already in a state for sharing with others, and moreover will be left here permanently for posterity to read and enjoy (God(s) willing and the authors consenting).


If your need is actually for a temporary space where you wish to display your works and then remove them, we would encourage creating a blog or similar form of internet site and linking that from your author profile page. We request you to kindly not use the deletion and edit facilities to this effect of temporarily displaying your works. They are conveniences added purely for editorial purposes (it is almost better to imagine that they do not exist =o) ).


In conclusion, if you are posting something, please be reasonably sure that you want to leave it there forever in its present state - otherwise, as much as we are the lesser for not seeing that work here, we request you to refrain from posting such a work in the first place. Please share these on your blog - your readers, who may well be friends from WHW too, may read them there (to be sure, they might have discovered it through your profile page). If you revise something with the intention of improving it - maybe you saw a better way after posting it - please use the edit facility contently (but do settle on some version we can look back to =o) ). If it was posted as a duplicate or totally as an error, please use the delete with great discrimination (of the kind no doubt typical of writers at WHW!). We hope we have managed to communicate the intent of these features.



Please join us in making Wonder Haiku Worlds a mutually written permanent journal calligraphed on the Internet or a pristine museum mutually created and curated. Please let all comments, edits and deletions made here reflect this principle.


Once again, we absolutely welcome each of your personal blogs and sites to be linked from the author profile to share works of a more intrinsically ephemeral nature. These will enrich our site just as much, while not distracting from the immediate purpose that the site, firstly and finally a gathering of Haijin friends with a fatal mutual vision and aspiration, has assumed on this humble but bright niche of the vast web. We hope all our authors and readers will understand the inner necessity of this administrative request and comply.


Best Regards,

Yours Sincerely, 

Shyam Santhanam

Narayanan Raghunathan