Dear Nanda I think you have to purvey a note to elucidate the situation in Mahabhaarata so that it is comprehended by more people. Perhaps you can give links too.

I was a little surprised by the dedication to MT.
I have seen "Kalyanasoungandhikam' Kathakali enacted by Krishnan Nair as Bheema and Raman Kutty Nair as Hanuman which was a remarkable experience! Please give notes and links to MT too, to make it more legitimate to more readers. We have no Mallu readership but for you, my friend Prithviraj and I!

I also notice a discontinuity in the poem between lines three and four. Perhaps you have missed out a colon!
Narayanan Raghunathan Thu, Apr 22nd 2010, 23:32  
Dear Narayanan, I have added a semi col. MT had written about doves flying in front, leading Bhima'search for the flower whose scent captivated Panchali, Bhim'as wife - so that she requested Bhima, always willing to embark on dangerous adventures, to locate it and bring it to her...So poor Bhima sets off, as so often dispatched by his love on such missions...
P. Nandakumar Warrier Tue, Apr 27th 2010, 02:01  
Dear Nanda ~ Thank you.
I think the dedication should be for Veda Vyasa!
Narayanan Raghunathan Tue, Apr 27th 2010, 02:12  
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