Ron N. Cervero (Ron N. Cervero)


Ron Cervero resides in New Haven, CT. He began writing poetry in the late 80’s when he worked in the TV & film industry in Los Angeles, CA. The pain and suffering within himself, and his street surroundings caused his pen to move in a dark poetic direction with specks of light, and hope. Ron has been published in: DeComp Magazine, Other Voices International, NYC Poetz, Scream of the Buddha Magazine, Blue House, Verse Marauder, Praise Nation, Poetry Life & Times-London, Strange Road, Ujamaa and more. Ron is also the editor of Lost Beat Poetry. His first book is called “ A Blessing in Flames” which created the “buzz”, and motivation to write “Cranial Speedway”.

New Haven, CT.
Interests: sky diving, Bungee jumping, Base Jumping

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