Magyar (Magyar)


My Hungarian Grandmother nickenamed me... it has remained these 74 years, not intended as a prentious pen name. I'm simply a Private Writer that refers to my craft as my bottom drawer -folk art- with hopes that readers can find some value in what I have written. _m

Cape Cod, USA
Occupation: Technical /Service, Mngr: now retired.
Interests: Nature, and all other things that have aquired age

Greetings, Magyar!
I have entered a French literary competition organized by ShortÉdition, France, and one of my poems, a haiku, is in the Finale for the Winter Prize which is to be drawn on Wednesday coming at 11 am. So far, I am at the top of the podium thanks to the votes of my faithful readers on the site and some on Facebook. Now, to remain in this position, I need to keep exposing this piece to as many readers as possible to gain their support and their votes! For this reason, I would be happy to have you create an account with ShortÉdition which would allow you and your friends and family to view my work, comment on it if you wish, and support it by voting for it. Hope you have a pleasant poetic journey through my offerings and hope to keep in touch! Now, here is the link to ShortÉdition and the poem in question and many thanks in advance for your support!

If you have any trouble getting to the “Je vote pour cette œuvre” button to vote, just let me know. I sent it to cuz Lingard who just voted.
My translation of the poem:
A whitened shroud
floats around my village
shivers from the north
Keith A. Simmonds Sun, Mar 6th 2016, 08:02  
__So sorry to have missed this, even though I have visited WHW often, I now realize visits must be more deep... I truely
hope all turned well for you_! _m
Magyar Sat, Jun 4th 2016, 23:38  
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