Narayanan Raghunathan (Narayanan)


Published two books of Philosophical Aphorisms "Kalki ~ The Last Coming" ~ "Scrap Bits From the Notebooks of A Lunatic" ~ A book On the Foundations Of Set Theory: "The Solitary Infinity ~ Obituary To Transfinity" and  "Infinite Algorithms For Infinite Transcendental Numbers". "Infinite Rhythmic Continued Fractions"will be published soon .A book of Haiku poems "Infinite Flame Silences" is ready for distribution. "Apocalyptic Rapture" is another Haiku book which I have coauthored with Amanda Cazalet. A book Of Haiku "Haiku Rtams ~ The Brahman Way" is an anthology where the author's Haiku are presented.

Kerala ~ India ~
Occupation: Mathematics Philosophy Music Dance
Interests: Infinity, Cosmoses, Eternity, Silences ~

Internal flight - 29
thank you for reading, comment and correction; romanian version is to be mentionned every time, please?
ion untaru Thu, Jun 11th 2009, 23:31  
I am very much thankful for nice correction to my haiku oasis.

Kaa Na Kalyanasundaram Tue, Sep 7th 2010, 01:37  
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