Haiku Village for new Haijin(s)

Haiku Village for new Haijin(s) is a forum we intend to introduce if we find sufficient people interested to participate. In Haiku there are no elders, yet every child can teach! If you are absolutely new to haiku this forum may be useful to you if you want to participate in the various activities of the site especially Haiku and related genres.    
There are two options for the vistors to the Haiku Village
Either to opt for a personal chat with the Guide for the Haiku journey without the process of learning being made public on the site. Secondly, preferably visit the village as a group of friends interested in Haiku and wanting to learn appreciate and attempt and have no objection to the whole discussion with the Guide being open to general new viewers to this site.
This is a special forum and hence the interested members will need special registration.
# Seasoned Haijin(s) are requested not to register since it will be absurd.and a waste of precious time for you.   
This site is for adults over 18 years of age.
For juniors there is another Section on our Site
Please check. 

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1] Your Site Name
2] Password 
3] Real Name
4] Brief biography in relation to poetry and Haiku Choice
5] Private Guided Tour / Public Guided Tour

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Our tentative cottages of learning are roughly the following.

1] Reading Haiku
2] Appreciating Haiku
3] Understanding some methods of Haiku
4] Looking around and perceiving.
5] Attempting a Haiku on a theme
6] Checking a Haiku written
7] Submitting a Haiku for a friendly scrutiny,for minor corrections if any
8] Attempting a general Haiku
9] Checking the general Haiku written
10] Scrutinizing the Haiku written 
11] Posting the Haiku. .
12] Learning to look for more Haiku.
13] Keeping ones Haiku collected. safely . 
14] Some hints for new Haijin(s).
15 ] Clearing essential doubts if any.

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